The Potter and The Clay

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I made a clay pot yesterday. I had every intention of it becoming a beautiful flower pot. I bought some seeds and potting soil. However, this morning, the pot had disappeared. In it’s place, I found this note:


“Dear Potter,

I have decided that I am not a pot. I am actually a trivet for other pots to sit on. This is how I identify. No matter how hard I try, I just am not comfortable being a pot. So I will go and let other pots sit inside me. Even though water will still leak thru my hole, I just know this is what is best for me to express myself. I still believe in you and know that you love me. Thanks.


The Pot. er….Trivet.”


My heart was so sad. I had spent hours spinning the wheel, molding this unique pot. I had a purpose for it. A destiny. I had created it so uniquely from any other pot in the world. It had a hole in the bottom to drain water, and I had a special trivet I had chosen to go perfectly with this pot, to hold its water. But now this pot would not have any desire to know its chosen trivet. Instead, it was going to put itself inside other pots, pretending to be a trivet. Pretending to be something it was not. Not designed to do or be. Not intended to do or be. But it had made a decision in its heart, and I could not convince my pot that it really was intended to be a pot, not a trivet; and that once my pot met its trivet, the two would help sharpen each other and eventually they would mold together as one whole piece, making such a gorgeous piece. Not only this, but my pot began to hate other pots who DID function as pots. My pot accused them of being brain washed; scared of “new and unique” concepts such as pots changing into trivets. This made my heart feel even more sad. I will always be here, readily awaiting the return of my precious pot, that I might plant some beautiful African daisies in it. But the choice lies in the heart of the pot. I know she’s scared, and fears her own uniqueness. But I so desire to lovingly guide her and tenderly care for her, freeing her to be who I know she truly is. So if you see my pot inside or underneath another pot somewhere, would you please gently love on her? Tell her she is worthy of greater things. Perhaps one day, she will return.

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