The Potter and The Clay

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I made a clay pot yesterday. I had every intention of it becoming a beautiful flower pot. I bought some seeds and potting soil. However, this morning, the pot had disappeared. In it’s place, I found this note:   “Dear … Read More

Here we go Luby-Loo…..

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I literally JUST typed the title and my 2 yr old daughter is now waking from her nap. I first began blogging 10 years ago when I embarked on a one year journey of teaching English in South Korea. Blogging … Read More

Today’s Idols

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Where did idolatry originate? Many believe it originated in Babylon, where many pagan rituals took place.  Babylon is where we believe present-day Iraq is located.  In all reality, however, idolatry began in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve … Read More